Logical Town Association is a no profit organisation and aims to promote, disseminate and exchange best practices, results and knowledge rising awareness and spreading the culture of eco-friendly city logistics in order to activate and improve new experiences about smart urban freight distribution and optimize urban mobility developing city logistics that is sustainable, energy-efficient and respectful of the environment, in particular for small and mid-sized urban centres.

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The statutes is a document which states the association constitution, defining the role of governing bodies and members, the kind of business to be undertaken, and the means by which the members exert control over the management committee.



Logical Town objectives are addressed mainly trough the following activities:

  1. promotion of knowledge exchange and establishment of collaborations among the members and between members and stakeholders.
  2. dissemination and spreading of the culture of sustainable city logistics in the political and business local framework in order to optimize urban mobility.
  3. promotion of innovative solutions and operational schemes about eco-friendly urban freight distribution toward companies and public administrations
  4. promotion of training and/or up-date of projectionists and technicians involved in the freight distribution chain in Europe taking advantage of the collaboration of public and private institutes, in order improve skills and knowledge for the implementation and management of sustainable city logistics processes
  5. networking with organizations, institutes, foundations, public and private entities at national and European level that are involved in activities connected with those of the association
  6. organization and managing of meetings, workshops, congresses, visits, training activities and communication activities, trough press release, dissemination of news and information about the subject of the association.
  7. promotion of round tables, conferences, meetings, debates, workshops, exhibitions, training courses at different level for studies connected to the objectives of the association
  8. participation to local, National and European projects to implement research activity, development, experimentation, training, dissemination and promotion relevant to the objectives of the association

Governing Bodies

The governing bodies are the following:

General Assembly
Management Committee
Vice President
Finance Manager (Treasurer)
Secretary General

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General Assembly
The General Assembly of Logical Town association gathers all full members of Logical Town that have the same rights and duties. The general assembly is called by the President and it sanctions and approves Logical Town strategy and budget.

Management Committee
The Management Committee organizes and manages all the activities of the Association according to its objectives and it manages about the Association finance. The Management Committee is jointly responsible for the guidance and supervision of the policies and budget of Logical Town, general supervision of the activities of the Logical Town, participation to projects and presentation of grant proposal supporting the thematic pillars of the Association.

Honorary President
Alessandro Tambellini, Mayor of Lucca

Founding Members


Scientific Commitee

The Scientific Committee is the body of technical prowess of the Association and consists in a President and a maximum of nine members, appointed by the Management Committee from among businessmen, scientists, academics, economics, people of editorial and associative field which have specific knowledge and skills in the fields expected by society.

The tasks of the Scientific Committee are the following:

  1. submit proposals on scientific activities of the Association;
  2. promote and coordinate research activities;
  3. update the technical archive;
  4. promote the realization of courses, seminars and conferences.

The Scientific Committee is headed by Giorgio Ambrosino (Memex Srl)